Luxe Red Awards Judge

James Magni

James Magni has been recognized as one of the foremost modernist designers of our time. His inimitable style has left an indelible mark on the world of architecture and interior design. More importantly, however, he continues to move modernism along the stylistic continuum, elevating and ushering it into a new era. In 1988, he established Los Angeles-based Magni Design, and in 1996, he created the Magni Home Collection, which showcases lighting, rugs and furniture of his design. Since embarking on his career, James has developed a style characterized by environments that simultaneously telegraph a sense of sumptuous luxury while also clearly subscribing to modernism’s promise that clean lines and uncluttered spaces are instrumental in delivering serenity and comfort amid the chaos of contemporary life. His approach to the programmatic and aesthetic concerns of his clients is purposeful, meticulous and thorough, whether it manifests as an immaculately white, art-filled Beverly Hills mansion, a sprawling Mexico City penthouse or a palatial Moscow manse. James responds to the modernist palette of glass, steel and concrete with rich, sensual textures, flawlessly executed custom furnishings and the dynamic aesthetic impact of contemporary art. His passion for fine art has made him a favorite amongst major collectors, museum directors and trustees, though he is equally sought after by innovators and entrepreneurs in many fields.