The Secret To Upping Your Grazing Board Game

SPONSORED | BY | May 28, 2020
| May 28, 2020
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Ah, the grazing board. It can be an after-school snack plate, elegant party hors d?oeuvre or individual meal. Delicious and aesthetically pleasing, this display of abundance is perfect for foodies of any age and in every setting. It?s a culinary staple.

Given the nature of its ingredients, a grazing board demands a lot from one?s refrigerator. Meats should be quite a bit chillier than fruits and veggies, for example, and most of it can?t sit out for too long once you?ve put your spread together. Signature Kitchen Suite?s 24-inch and 30-inch Integrated Column Refrigerators prove the ultimate partner.

Their Lift and GoTM bins and drawers offer a variety of places to customize storage conditions to the needs of specific foods, while a movable snack drawer is expansive enough to house extra-large serving platters.

Let?s go to the market.

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