A Minimalist Solution To All Those Kitchen Appliances

SPONSORED | BY | March 26, 2019
| March 26, 2019

Informed consumers and a new consciousness are cultivating a less-is-more, streamlined kitchen.

The kitchen of the future is a microcosm of the new age of minimalism. Essentially, people just want less stuff, giving rise to multidisciplinary products in multifunctional spaces.

Kitchen shelves, cabinets and work stations packed with elaborate, redundant and bulky appliances are being replaced with drawers of fresh vegetables, bowls of organic fruit and natural ingredients for easy-to-prepare meals, while built-in cooking equipment is increasingly more flexible to prepare food in the best possible way, with numerous functions that eliminate unnecessary appliances.

The pioneers at Signature Kitchen Suite are at the forefront of this paradigm shift. Their 48-inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range, for example, is the answer to greater flexibility and precision in cooking, with built-in sous vide induction and gas all on the cooktop–a first of its kind.

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