Sommelier Staple: Signature Kitchen Suite Wine Columns

SPONSORED | BY | February 1, 2021
| February 1, 2021

sks undercounter wine refrigerator

A pour of wine is the language of hospitality. Across the country and around the globe, many believe this to be a universal truth. Indeed, who doesn’t love to be greeted by the question, “Pinot noir or sauvignon blanc?”

Whether you’re serving an elaborate meal for close family or a grazing board for two, wine is a starter, entrée and dessert. And as any connoisseur would agree, keeping that nectar of the vine in pristine form is paramount. Enter, Signature Kitchen Suite and its new 24-inch Undercounter Wine Refrigerator.


sks undercounter wine refrigeratorWith proprietary Wine Cave Technology™, Signature Kitchen Suite’s wine columns are unmatched in the art of preservation. Designed to mimic the conditions of historic wine caves, the ingenious feats of engineering reduce vibration, minimize temperature fluctuations, limit light exposure and maintain optimum humidity levels.

But anyone who pines for a good glass knows that temperature is the most essential factor. Red, white and sparkling wines differ in their ideal range, and achieving the sweet spot for each can impact mouthfeel, aroma and flavor. In Signature Kitchen Suite’s advanced new Undercounter Wine Refrigerator, two independent zones can be set between 41 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit.


sks undercounter wine refrigeratorAs with all of Signature Kitchen Suite’s carefully crafted offerings, its wine column refrigeration is not only the pinnacle of performance in its category; it’s also beautiful.

Unfinished beechwood shelves lend an organic feel to the interior, calling to mind the barrels and grape crushers of old-world winemaking. This variety of wood also eliminates the introduction of oils and other by-products that could reduce the integrity of the air and cork. On the outside, a stainless-steel or panel-ready front makes the product versatile enough for nearly any look.

And of course, the goal is wine storage. It might seem compact, but the 24-inch undercounter model can hold a mighty 41 bottles.


You might not have waitstaff presenting the evening’s selection at home, but you can have the next best thing—and it offers a more personalized experience.

Powered by Wine Ring’s patented machine learning, the Signature Sommelier™ app is the first smart software that learns your preferences and makes recommendations based on them … food pairings included.

Learn more about Signature Kitchen Suite’s 24-inch Built-in Undercounter Wine Refrigerator, plus its other state-of-the-art appliances and the True to Food™ philosophy that inspires the brand at


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