An Ode To The At-Home Cook All About The Details

SPONSORED | BY | August 10, 2020
| August 10, 2020
sks dalton

For the most ardent of culinary devotees, cooking is rooted in a relationship with food. When those savants pursue their art at home, it may be even more true, as each dish is created with one’s own nourishment and taste buds in mind.

This vision of the at-home cook, composing a masterpiece with the utmost respect for its ingredients and their origins, is the driving force behind Signature Kitchen Suite. The brand believes those makers embody what it means to be True to Food, and it intends to give them tools that honor that. Its latest innovation certainly advances that mission.

If you long to serve Michelin-worthy food at home, look to the Dual-Fuel Pro Range and its integrated program: The Gourmet Chef. This state-of-the-art system guides its user through the making of exquisite meals—appetizer, entrée and dessert.

Consider it your new muse.

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