Do Your Wine The Honor Of Careful Keeping

SPONSORED | BY | May 19, 2020
| May 19, 2020
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From growing, harvesting and crushing the grapes to aging and bottling the resulting libation, so much effort and attention is devoted to the careful art of winemaking. The same level of thoughtfulness should be given to its next phase, no? Signature Kitchen Suite thinks the answer is certainly yes, and that’s why they collaborated with the world’s most knowledgeable vintners, historians and scientists to develop wine refrigerators qualified for their occupants.

Designed to replicate the conditions of old-world wine caves, the 18-inch and 24-inch Integrated Column Wine Refrigerators are a sommelier’s dream. Signature Kitchen Suite’s proprietary Wine Cave Technology defends each vintage within (up to 113 bottles in the larger model) against the four elements that are detrimental to wine: temperature fluctuations, vibration, light and reduced humidity. Independent temperature zones enable one to organize red, white and sparkling varieties according to their needs; an inverted linear compressor and a metal interior minimize vibration to less than 2 gal (cm/s2); dark-tinted, triple-paned glass protects from UV; and evaporators maintain steady humidity levels. It’s the most ideal wine storage system, ever.

And it’s made to enthuse the oenophile, too. Once you’ve placed each bottle, download the Signature Sommelier app. Created in partnership with Wine Ring, the industry’s leading AI-driven personalization software, it develops a comprehensive user preference profile to drive the most accurate recommendations for you.

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