How To Sous Vide At Home Just Like The Pros

SPONSORED | BY | March 26, 2019
| March 26, 2019

The secret to perfectly cooked steak is finally within the reach of home cooks.

For curious cooks who ever have wondered how high-end restaurants get every steak right, every time, it is most likely because they cook sous vide.

Thanks to Signature Kitchen Suite–whose dual-fuel pro range features the industry’s first built-in sous vide and whose partnerships with the Culinary Research and Education Academy (CREA) and Cuisine Solutions are promoting the everyday use of this culinary method–home chefs can elevate their perfectly cooked proteins to another level.

To simplify this versatile technique, we asked sous vide expert AJ Schaller, Executive Chef at CREA, to break down what it takes to cook a great steak at home.

1. Where to start.

As with any other sous vide food, be sure to start with quality ingredients. Searing the steak in advance helps the flavor reach the core of the meat and requires less time to sear when you are done cooking sous vide.

2. What to use.

Spices and marinades are great, and you only need a fraction of the amount used in traditional cooking. Keep in mind that ingredients such as tomato, ginger or any acids in your pouch will continue to soften the texture of proteins, raw or cooked.

3. How long.

Time has an important effect on texture and flavor when cooking sous vide. Lean meats such as steaks are done cooking once the desired core temperature is reached, which can take around 30 minutes.

4. While entertaining.

If you know how your guests prefer their steak, consider cooking them in advance, then chill and reheat when you are ready. This helps retain flavor and juiciness.

5. Why the chefs love it.

Sous vide takes the guesswork out of cooking items to the proper temperature for best quality and flavor.

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